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Shower Head with Anion Antibacterial Massage Function

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 Anion Antibacterial Wave Massage Shower Head

Good for Baby and Sensitive Skin!

114,800/cc Anions

Antibacterial Function 


enjoy anion antibacterial therapy during shower at your home. 


*NHD system (NON-electricity Hydro Dynamics) using magnetic force

By FlowMax’s cutting edge technology,  NHD system circuit was designed to change characteristic of water and generate anions.  During passing NHD system circuit, water rapidly rotates by about 200t magnetic force. Water molecular chain disconnected and become micro water particles. Through this process, water totally changes characteristic of water and rapidly ionizes having 114,800/ cc anions. In the other word, water become functional water named FlowWater®

This functional water increase dissolved oxygen and the energy finds its balance with excellent water with high penetrating, dissolving and washing power. It does not only changes into safe, healthy and soft water but also removes scales and residual chlorine and prevents form having rust in the water pipe.

- FlowMax’s Own Technology ;  International patent

- Permanent circuit without filter ; No Extra Cost and No Additional Work on Changing Filter

- Generating 114,800 / cc anions  ; Niagara fall (US) generates 100,000 /cc anions

- Totally change in characteristic of water ; Functional water named FlowWater®


*Main Anion Effect

- Delivering Freshness 

- Delivering Antibacterial Function

- Increasing Resisting Power

- Removing Residual Chlorine,  Poisonous Substances, Bad Smell

- Regenerating Cell

- Purifying Blood                                                  

- Activating Body Metabolism 

- Controlling Autonomic Nerve 

- Promoting Fatigue Recovery 


*FlowWater® – Water that has Vitality.


V Mist Spray & Massage Spray


V FlowMax’s Cutting Edge Technology Having   High Performance

   NHD system circuit load in the handle of the  shower head


V Durable and Permanent Circuit

  No Extra Cost and No Additional Work on Changing Filter


V 114,800/cc Anions Generation

    Delivering Extraordinary Freshness


V Antibacterial Function

   Good for Baby and Sensitive Skin


V Removal Of  Residual Chlorine

   No Skin Trouble and No Hair Damage


V Easy Installation

   Simply Changing Shower Head


Only a shower is enough?  Feel, experience, and benefit from FlowWater®


*Effects and Efficacies


 - Extraordinary Freshness

By generating 114,800/cc anions, water become more smooth and softer like mineral water. It gives extraordinary freshness to you as if you shower under a waterfall. It invigorates your body and recovers from fatigue as well.


- Strong Antibacterial Action and Removal of Residual Chlorine

Deliver strong antibacterial action and remove concentration of health hazardous substances such as residual chlorine, iron, potassium  permanganate, bad smell that is smelted in water. It helps in inhibiting the propagation of germs, preventing from skin disease.


- Skin Care – Long-last Moisturizing

Not only replenish moisture deeply in skin’s inner layer and keep skin moisturized even after shower but also removes dead skin cells and tightens pores by controlling sebum. Your skin becomes fine and improves so you can have a good make-up.

By reducing atopy, dandruff, athlete's foot, and eczema , in particular, it is good for baby and sensitive skin.


- Hair Care –Washing Off Scalp And Dandruff

By washing  off scalp cleanly and removing dandruff , it prevents from losing hairs. It makes the texture of your hair sooth and silky so you feel like you use rinse even though you do not use it. Also the hair does not tangled when you comb through your hair.


Care For Environment  - Less Use of Soap and Water

Shampoo and  soaps are well dissolved  and its washing power is more strong that it saves water. By less use of shampoo, soap and water, it helps in preventing from environmental pollution.


- Removal of  Water Scale

Remove water scale. It allows your skin to be much cleaner and your shower  room to be more sanitary and  less slippery.


*Patent & Certification

-U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Registration No.3009134853

-International Institute of Green Evaluation of the USA

-ISO 9001 ; 2008 / ISO 14001 ; 2004

-Commissioner, The Korean intellectual property  office

Patent  Registration ; No.10-1040649 

Patent  Registration ; No.10-0821721

Utility Model Registration ; No.20-0393381

Utility Model Registration ; No.0317812

Design Registration; No.30-0410097


*Easy Installation

  1. Thread the hand shower onto the hose until hand-tight. Do not over-tighten.

 2. Thread the hose onto the shower outlet.

 3.  Wrench tightens the hose to the shower outlet. Do not over-tighten.



  1. Product Name : Anion Antibacterial Shower Head

 2. Finishes: Polished Chrome

 3. Material: ABS Plastic, SUS

 4. Male thread: G1/2 X 14(International/Universal standard)

 5. Weight: 700g



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